The Wisdom Cypher

The Wisdom Cypher taps into a powerful conversation about the importance of being tuned into our Ancestral Connections. It recognizes the trauma, silence, disconnection, displacement and marginalization of youth in our community. We are hosting these connection dialogues in spaces of learning and growing through our open story sharing healing safe spaces. We gather to explore our Diaspora Authentic Voices. It’s our aim to support and encourage young black and gifted youth to tap into their gifts and rise.

Creative Wealth

Creative Wealth is here to serve as a bridge between art, culture and business. Our focus is to work with artist and youth to develop there authentic creative voices through personals and products development. Our organization will explore what it means to be an artist and creative the 21 century. As well as what our personal, social, and fiscal responsibility are collectively as a society at large. Creativity is the new currency and we want to inspire the next generations to tap

Sisters4Sisters Kitchen

Sisters4Sisters is a gathering of young women of the diaspora dedicated to celebrating and learning about one another through shared platforms of life style, beauty and health. Our aim is to encourage strength and self-worth among sisters of the Diaspora. The Mission of Sisters4Sisters is to share with others through remembering and reconnecting to our true values of where we came from. While we embrace the new diverse cultures that shape our new lives away from home we aim to develop an atmosphere of great understanding and appreciation of one another. Our vision is to create an authentic engagement of awakening sisters through conversation, comfort and connections, strengthening and encouraging their visions and voices in the diaspora. We will achieve this by coming together to create meals that are fast easy and nutritious, offering women of African Descent a space to come and learn how to cook various cultural dishes. These gatherings celebrate diverse cultures and give African Descent women a sense of home. Through Sisters4Sisters kitchen they will fight the loneliness and mental health issues that come from immigration. We also aim to give single mothers whose children face bullying the tools required to face adversity.

Black Space Media

Black Space Media is dedicated to creating inspirational positive stories that portray dignified images of African Descent Youth. We support youth to create media that captures their authentic experiences through their diasporic lens. We believe when youth of African Descent are given access to diverse platforms to tell their stories it enhances their visibility and builds their sense of worth within the community. As members of Black Space Media youth are given the opportunity to organize, create and produce media which develop their entrepreneurial skills.

The Remix Café

The Remix Café is gathering focused on engaging youth in practical activities and exercises that stimulate and develop authentic cultural connections through self-expression. Our gathering is divided into three components focused on the Mind, Body and Soul. We provide opportunity for youth to share and build valuable meaningful relationships that foster safe collaborative spaces. The Remix Café is designed to activate and empower the individuals who participate to become leaders who will create innovative solutions to the challenges they face in their community. Our efforts are to create BLACK SPACES where young people of African Descent can be visible and be offered the opportunity to rise.

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